- About Buttered Up Organics-

The Birth of Buttered Up Organics


Buttered Up Organics Ltd was founded by Dr. Caroline Singh in early 2015. Dr. Singh, an accomplished Dentist with a successful practice located in El Socorro, Trinidad,  has always had a passion for beauty and fashion. Recognising a void in the local beauty product market couple with her growing concern over the amount of unsafe chemicals used in over-the-counter beauty products, Dr. Singh decided to channel her resources into the formulation of an all natural, 100% organic body product line. She partnered with a company in the United States to ensure that the ingredients used were truly organic, as evidenced by organic certification. And so, the Buttered Up brand was born.


Dr. Singh's vision for Buttered Up Organics is to raise awareness on the dangers associated with many of the chemicals found in everyday skin care products, while providing an affordable alternative that provides superior results.

Our Ingredient Commitment


Buttered Up provides products which are designed to hydrate, replenish and nourish skin. Using only premium quality, certified organic ingredients, the line offers products that are free of chemicals, parabens, sulphates, formaldehdye, synthetic fragrances and animal products. Buttered Up offers a luxurious range of Body Butters, Body Scrubs and Body Oils, all of which provide therapeutic benefits for skin.

What our customers had to say...

"I can't get enough of Dr. Singh's 'Buttered Up' products!!! I'm currently hooked on the turmeric and sandalwood scrub! At the end of a busy day, it's nice to pamper myself a little with a great quality product line that is all natural!!! The results are amazing!!!"

 - Maxine Maharaj, Trinidad W.I.

"The coconut body oil is just one of the many amazing products in the buttered up line. I used the coconut body oil during my pregnancy and the result was no stretch marks! Absolutely amazing! I'm now using it on my baby for her night massage. Thank you Buttered Up!

 - Ambikah Mongroo,  Trinidad W.I.

"I'm very excited that this great product line has been introduced so affordably. I've been using the pomegranate body butter and love how it feels and smells!"

 - Michelle Sohan,  Trinidad W.I.

"I only recently purchased a few buttered up products: the turmeric & neem facial cleanser, pomegranate facial oil, the saffron & sandalwood face & body scrub and the turmeric and neem facial mask. Thus far I've seen great results and it's only been a couple weeks! My skin tone looks even and brighter. The scrub doesn't make my skin feel dry as other scrubs did in the past. The pomegranate facial oil gives my face a healthy, lustrous glow and I absolutely love it! The customer service is excellent! I'm certainly a happy customer."

 - Nadia Jagessar,  Trinidad W.I.

"These products are amazing and so luxurious!!
Love love the saffron scrub. 
The pomegranate facial oil is my new fav!!
I love wearing matte liquid lips but some makes my lips to dry. A drop of this oil before applying it does wonders!!! A must try for sure!"


 - Nalini Rampersad, Trinidad W.I.